FSAE Unicamp Team.

In 2004 SAE Brazil (Society of Automotive Engineers) established in the country a form of university competition that has great notoriety abroad, the Formula SAE - which aims to improve the professional qualification of participants, encourage teamwork, raise funds and plan and analyze costs by simulating the development of a new product.

In this event, undergraduate students and graduate students must build a vehicle type formula that meets certain specifications regulated by SAE International. The vehicle to be developed participates of assessments in static and dynamic tests, such as: technical design, execution and assembly, acceleration, track/enduro and commercial viability.

The FSAE Unicamp team was formed in 2006 from the School of Mechanical Engineering of Unicamp and has since then has gained notoriety for their projects and results.


Vitor da Silva Lima

Renan Chinaglia Luchinitz Vivot
Administrative Director

Gabriel Oliveira Rigo
Project Director

Renan Amorim Rodrigues
Manufacture Director

Pedro Giannini Queiroz

João Pedro Fechine Candido
Aerodynamics and Structure Director

Mateus Mendes Costa
Aerodynamics and Structure

Matheus Gouveia Purcino
Aerodynamics and Structure

Ronaldo Yeung
Aerodynamics and Structure

Tulio Balzi Rodrigues
Aerodynamics and Structure

Rafael Antonio Lot De Mattei
Electrical and Electronics Director

Eduardo Henrique Gavioli
Electrical and Electronics

José Ignacio
Electrical and Electronics

Heitor Dourado Buzzatto
Powertrain Director

Douglas Rodrigues Couto

Leonardo Peres Morgado

Vitor Cezar Silva Sena

Rafael Hideyuki Kinjo
Suspension and Brakes Director

André Pukaro
Suspension and Brakes

Henrique Fuzaro Gomes
Suspension and Brakes

João Vitor Belintane Fermiano
Suspension and Brakes

Lucas Fernando Girello
Suspension and Brakes

Victor Mendonça Oliveira
Suspension and Brakes