Started in 2006 from an initiative of students and teachers from the Mechanical Engineering School of the State University of Campinas, FSAE Unicamp is one of the main and most successful Brazilian formula SAE teams. The members are responsible for the design and manufacture of formula prototypes – and their dedication and commitment made great results possible for the team. Currently the team is preparing for the FSAE Brazil 2018 competition aiming to achieve the 1st place to compete in the world FSAE competition in 2019.


FSAE Unicamp would like to thank all of its sponsors, without whom the team wouldn't have built all of its cars and participate in so many competitions in such an efficient way. All of the sponsors are key to the intelectual growth of the team and it's success.
For more information on how to support or sponsor the FSAE Unicamp team please send an e-mail to or access how to support us.